Premiering in December 2021, will feature a new short story each day read by one of our talented cast members on-camera as a “video audiobook” which will be featured on our Youtube channel and website (these video audiobooks will look similiar to the video below).

The site will also feature text versions of each short story, an author bio (including links to the author’s website and social media), and cover shots of the author’s books with links to purchase those books on Amazon.

Call For Submissions

We welcome authors to submit a short story for consideration to be turned into a video audiobook on our site. There is no pay, but we believe that having this video audiobook on our site will turn into a very big promotional opportunity for independent authors.

There are NO SUBMISSION FEES. (We still can't believe that people charge authors to submit works. It boggles the mind.)

Simultaneous submissions are OK by us.

We don't mind previously published stories as long as you still control the rights. If you are in doubt, check what you signed for the previous publication so that you can be sure that you still have those rights before submitting your story to us, please.

Here are our submission guidelines:

Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your story... here’s what we’re looking for.

  1. You must have a book on Amazon

  2. Part of our goal here is to promote Indie Authors. It is our hope that our short story video audiobooks generate sales for your books (we also hope to earn at least a little in commissions from Amazon Associates). For that reason, we only want short stories from authors who have something to sell on Amazon. Your submitted short story does not have to be on Amazon, but you do need to have something on Amazon.

  3. Your story should be in the LITERARY genre

  4. For a few reasons we prefer stories that would fall in the Literary genre. The first reason is simply because that’s what we like. But beyond that we feel that there are already plenty of outlets for genre fiction, so we’ve selected literary as our own little niche.
  5. Easy on the profanity and sex

  6. It’s not that we’re prudes, it’s just that videos with F-bombs and explicit sex don’t play very well on youtube. We feel that we can’t build an audience if we feature those types of stories. If your story is too profane or explicit for US network television, then we can’t really use it.
  7. Stories should be 1,500 - 8,000 words

  8. Pretty self-explanatory there.
  9. Willingness to sign a release

  10. If your story is selected, we will ask you to sign a release. In that release, you will grant us the non-exclusive rights to: produce a video audiobook of your story; distribute this video on Youtube (or other streaming video sites if we so choose); feature the video as an episode of a podcast; use the video in whole or in part on our social media; and print the full text of the story on our website(s). Note that we will not ask you for exclusive rights — so if you wish to make your own audiobook or distribute your story elsewhere you will be able to do so.

If you meet all of the submission requirements and would like to have your short story considered for a video audiobook on, please fill out the Google Form below. Thanks!

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